About Stumbling Steer BBQ

At age 9, my smoking education began 1 mile east of Blossom, Texas, where my father began teaching me how to smoke on Red Oak and Hickory that was harvested off of the farm. Upon leaving the family farm in Northeast Texas, I stumbled my way to college. After that, I spent one tour on the USS RAMSEY FFG2 and had the privilege to see most of the world. After being introduced to the diverse chiles of Thailand, it was then, that my love for spice came along. After the Navy, I stumbled into Tucson, AZ, where I met my wife, Cathy, and the adventures of Southwest cooking lit up my taste buds.

tom kennedy blossom texas bar b q bbq stumbling steer
My childhood home in Blossom, Texas where my BBQ training began

Cathy and I stumbled our way back to the farm for a few years, and BBQ and smoking meats became the norm for friends and family. From Blossom TX, we headed West to Santa Barbara, CA, were I was introduced to my Itallian mother-in law, Barbara Martinez, and also to Santa Maria-style BBQ/smoking techniques over an open oak flame. For 14 years, I supported the Santa Barbara Boys and Girls Club Alumni, and volunteered at their BBQ fundraiser events. The elders in the Alumni were masters at Santa Maria-style BBQ and allowed me to train under them. Thank you “guys”, for the knowledge and good times.

bbq pork butts and bacon
Smoking up some boneless pork butts and my signature "Millionaire Bacon"

In 2003, Cathy's company transferred us to Jacksonville, Fl. We continued to BBQ and smoke meats for our new Floridian friends, and I began introducing some of my mother-in-laws Italian cooking techniques into my own sauces and rubs. Ten years later, our friends and family have inspired us to move forward with “Stumbling Steer BBQ”.

Thank you for stumbling onto our site and do not forget to visit our “Smok'n Shop” to add some spice in your life. This could be the last seasoning you ever buy.

The Pit Master

Tom Kennedy