Fidelity National Finance Luncheon


Fidelity National Finance


The Event

Less than a block from the ocean, we readied ourselves to serve the various employees of Fidelity National Finance and surrounding businesses. Instead of our normal Stumbling Steer tent, we used our larger 20x20 to make sure we had plenty of space to serve the crowd that formed.


The Menu

The Meats

Millionaire Bacon – Hog Belly, cut to about a ½ inch thick, rubbed with our sweet and spicy seasoning and slow smoked for 24 hours.

Pulled Pork Sandwich – Slow smoked over Cherry & Hickory wood, seasoned with Rustlers Rub

Brisket Sandwich – Slow smoked over Hickory wood and seasoned with Rustlers Rub

Ribs – Slow smoked and seasoned with “Rustler’s Rub,” then glazed before serving.

The Sides

TK’s Cowboy Beans - Our version of baked beans, with pork & beef crumbles, pinto beans, onions, and tomatoes, seasoned with “Rustler’s Rub.”

Cathy’s Coleslaw - Our twist on traditional California cabbage with an apple cider vinegar base, olive oil, red, yellow & orange sweet peppers, and crumbles of bleu cheese mixed in with our “Rustlers Rub.”