Gate Shoot 2020



On a beautifully brisk day at Jax Clay Target Sports we celebrated and raised funds for various companies and charities. With over 150 people in attendance, the event consisted of a round of shooting followed up by a mouthwatering meal provided by Stumbling Steer BBQ.

The Menu


The Meats

American Waygu – Our most recent and tender cut of meat. Slow smoked and rubbed with our signature Rustlers Rub, as well as glazed with our secret blend of herbs and spices.

Baby Back Ribs – Fall off the bone ribs, with Rustlers Rub and our signature glaze.

Pulled Pork – One of our staples; slow smoked and hand pulled, served soaking in its own juices.


The Sides

Cathy’s Cabbage – Our unique take on a California style cabbage with blue cheese, sweet peppers dressed w/apple cider vinegar/olive oil and seasoned with our Rustle’s Rub.

TK’s Baked Beans - Loaded with bacon & beef

Garlic Bread – Freshly grilled on site


Banana Pudding – Classic Banana Pudding

All served with Sweet and Unsweet Tea as well as lemonade.