Mandrin Chili Cookoff & Fall Festival

Chili Cook off booth

BBQ Chili booth

On a perfectly dreary and chilly day in mid-November, we layered up and decorated our canopy to participate in Mandrins Chili Cookoff. The Chili Cookoff, part of the Mandrin Councils Fall Festival, helps benefit the Mandarin Food Bank, Junior Achievement, and Mandarin Council’s Janice Meisel Scholarship Fund.

The Chili

BBQ Chili ingrediants

Our trademark chili, inspired by our roots in Blossom, Texas, was different than the traditional southern chili featured throughout the event. Our chili is made without beans and features brisket, sirloin, and smoked hog belly; additionally flavored with tomato, onion, cumin, garlic, oregano, sage, salt, sugar, and vinegar. For spice we added smoked chilis, black pepper, and fresh chili peppers.

The Results

While we didn’t win “best chili,” we did win “best booth” for our creative decorations. Though our chili wasn’t lacking in flavor, it didn’t feature the traditional beans that the crowd expected.


BBQ Mandrin Chili line