The Southern Living Event

Live oaks in Amelia Island

The Event

A part of getting acquainted and falling in love with the southern culture is seeing its architecture and tasting its food.

Southern Living hosted beautiful architecture, along with savory bites, at the 2019 Southern Living event which was held in Crane Island, Florida – an island within Northern Florida's larger and more well-known Amelia Island. We were asked to provide a delicious menu for this event under a large white tent which was nestled among the live oaks


The Southern Living House BBQ setup

This house, in its rustic beach theme, was the background for our BBQ dinner. 

We were asked to cater for over 100 people that had been apart of making this dream house a reality; from carpenters, electricians, and painters to designers and an abundance of other professionals.


The Menu

The setup for the BBQ event

The Meats

Pulled Pork


Pulled Brisket


Our Three Sides

  • Cathy’s Cabbage - Our traditional slaw with a twist. The twist includes Apple Cider Vinegar, Olive Oil, Bleu Cheese crumbles, Red, Yellow, & Orange sweet peppers, and seasoned with our signature "Rustlers Rub" which can be purchased in our shop.

Cathy's Cabbage

  • TK’s Cowboy Beans - Pinto beans, onions, seasoned beef, pork and tomatoes, seasoned with “Rustlers Rub”
  • Meg’s Mac & Cheese - traditional southern Mac and Cheese with bacon and basil.